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CC Radio Performance Upgrades

CC Radio Audio Upgrade

The audio upgrade replaces key components in the audio signal path to improve the audio quality for both voice and music. The end result is improved audio definition where consonants like c's, k's and q's sound clearer and music will sound more dynamic. The improved definition also reduces listening fatigue. We offer this upgrade for the original and for the Plus version. The Plus audio circuitry is different from the standard model so it is important to specify which model you own. Full instructions are included.

Please Note: This upgrade is not difficult to install, however this should not be the first time using a soldering iron. If you feel uncomfortable about this installation, or cannot find a qualified technician to install the upgrade, then we suggest you send the receiver to Kiwa for installation.

For more information regarding Kiwa Audio Upgrades - please see Kiwa Audio Upgrades - A Brief History

CC Radio Audio Upgrade $20.00
CC Radio Plus Audio Upgrade $25.00
CC Radio 2 Audio Upgrade $25.00
Please specify the original, "Plus" or "2" version
Shipping and handling within North America $3.00

Kiwa installation of the Audio Upgrade (either model-includes parts) $45.00

CC RADIO PLUS High Frequency Boost Switch

Many owners of the CC Radio find the radio lacks high frequency content to make the radio sound "muddy" or hard to hear when listening to the AM broadcast band. The Kiwa High Frequency Boost Switch is an upgrade that restores the high frequency tonality making the radio much more enjoyable to listen to. This upgrade does not affect the tone controls. When the switch is engaged, the high frequency boost is activated. When the switch is "OFF", the tone will be restored to the normal setting. The normal setting would be used when listening to FM. The toggle switch mounts to the rear chassis wall. Drilling of the rear panel is required. Full instructions are provided including a template for drilling the hole.

CC Radio Plus Hi-Frequency Boost Switch Upgrade $30.00
CC Radio 2 Hi-Frequency Boost Switch Upgrade $30.00
Shipping and Handling within North America $4.00
Kiwa installation of the CC Radio Plus High Frequency Boost Switch Upgrade (includes parts) $40.00


This upgrade reduces the volume of the beep tones for the plus model.

Beep Tone Reduction $25.00

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