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I just got the time to add your FRG100 #3 filters and the audio upgrade. WOW!! The filter setup is great. The audio upgrade sounds like a different radio now. Easy install and excellent instructions. Mike H. USA

The JRC525 arrived intact and working. The modifications you've made are astounding. I was expecting improvements, but... wow! Patrick G. USA

I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how much I enjoy the new filters and audio/memory upgrade for my ICF-2010. I should've had the upgrade done years ago! Thanks again for such a great upgrade! Bob S. USA

I installed the audio upgrade in my Icom R70 and I want to tell you that it made a big difference. I really do like it. John D. USA

I just wanted to let you know that I soldered in the audio upgrade kit for the FRG-100 receiver. It is fantastic! Since I use shielded loops for my low-band antennas, I can really detect the improved clarity of the audio. Brian G. USA

...I must say that this audio upgrade has made a remarkable improvement in the audio quality of this unit (Icom R71).Dave W. USA

The combined effect of all these mods (audio, Sync, AGC) is to significantly increase the performance of, and my enjoyment of the Icom R75. Thanks so much for offering and performing these mods. Gary K. USA

I just finished installing the expanded audio upgrade and I have to say that it really sounds terrific. Thanks for a great product. Steve B. USA

I ordered your MW Broadcast Band Rejection Filter and the companion Extension Filter over the phone. I had problems with two very strong MW broadcast signals (one at 1500 kHz) on my Drake R8 receiver in the Washington DC area... The results were fantastic; these filters cleared up mu intermod problem on my R8, and I am very pleased... I would recommend these filters to anyone with Broadcast Band problems. D. Wright USA

We love the Pocket Loop antenna. It outperforms our Com-Loop (custom built antenna) on the roof (3.5 to 15.5 mHz) using the NRD 535 and Yaesu FRG-100. Mrs. D. Ratz USA

"I received my NRD525 (Performance Upgrades installed)...The audio is much cleaner and "brighter" on all bandwidths. The 6 kHz wide filter now sounds much like the 8 kHz AUX before the modifications, without the hetrodynes or interference of course. I am using a Radio Shack Optimus speaker and I immediately noticed the dramatic reduction in background hiss. Even the 3.5 kHz filter was good for AM listening on a station crowded above and below. Without the upgrades this would not of worked...The improvements are readily apparent, especially for a dedicated SWL, and a good value." D. Williams USA

I spent a week in Sao Tome (off the coast of Africa) and took the Pocket Loop. It did real well on MW frequencies. I could copy Cyprus and Misahra(Oman) and sometimes even the UK MW frequency, and VOA Kuwait, as well as lots of Africa signals I could not identify except Nigeria on 909 kHz, co-channel with VOA Botswana. (using the Sony ICF7600G) B. Dawson USA

I had to write and let you know how pleased I am with your company. I ordered the BCB Rejection Filter for my Lowe HF-150 and does it ever make a difference! I live within 3 miles of four AM broadcast stations so you can imagine the front-end overloading I experienced with this radio. Your BCB filter has reduced this to almost nothing. It performs as stated. P Harbaugh USA

I had to write and tell you how much I am enjoying the Pocket Loop. I've never had so much fun in the tropical bands. On medium wave it makes my Sony SW1 act like a GE Super Radio. Keep up the quality workmanship and great products. P. Kitchen USA

My Pocket Loop was well worth the wait.
Thanks for a Premiere Product that outperforms the borrowed Palomar loop I have been using.J. Hemmalin USA

The Kiwa MW Loop is simply a superior way to enjoy MW DX'ing!... I've enjoyed MANY great reception catches with it. And, the superior rejection factor available with this antenna make real DX'ing possible in the overcrowded airwaves in my area.... And, it is a QUALITY built product, too. It is evident that great pains were expended in the materials, construction and design of the MW Loop. R.Flynn USA

I would like to tell you that the new Pocket Loop performs very well, much better than I had even hoped. I used the loop on my Sangeans' 803 and 818, the Sonys' SW-55, SW100, ICF7600G, Lowes' Europa and HF 150, Grundigs' Sat. 700 and YB400 and believe it or not my JRC 535D all with outstanding results....The Kiwa Pocket Loop ia a welcome accessory to my listening bunker... J.T.Walker USA

"'s an incredibly good performer and makes it possible to catch stations that would otherwise be impossible to hear." (MW Loop Antenna) A. Bourget, Switzerland

"What have you done to my dear old Sony ICF-2010? It no longer whistles and squeals and invites half a dozen stations to occupy one finely-tuned frequency...Thanks for the technology and thanks for making it affordable." N. Walker, USA

"I am writing to tell you that I find it difficult to believe the improvement in performance of my radio (Sony ICF-2010/2001D). If I didn't know better I would suspect that prior to the installation of this modification the radio was actually defective...Thank you for an excellent product, clear step by step instructions and an A-1 design." D. Cline, USA

"Congradulations on a superb piece of design and engineering!" (MW Loop Antenna) G. Haynes, England

"Another new toy here is the Kiwa Air-core MW Loop...I've only had it about a week now, but I can say it is absolutely fantastic! It beats every ferrite-core loop I've ever had (including the SM1, SM2 and Palomar loops). The amplification is very good, and the amplifier is DEAD QUIET, hiss is just about non-existent. The nulling capability of this loop is amazing." R Frcho, DX News

"The FM 3.5 (3.5 kHz Filter Module) is working superbly, and its improvements on my radio is indeed impressive. The reception characteristics have dramatically improved, there is no longer audible noise, especially the annoying heterodyne whistles. It seems to me that I have now a brand new radio.." (Yaesu FRG-8800) E. Ho, USA

"(Kiwa) has developed a high end medium wave loop which is a beautiful piece of engineering. The loop not only looks good, it performs very well." Jonathan Marks, WRTH

"What a difference! There's no comparison! ...the Kiwa filters have turned the Yaesu into a real DX rig." (Yaesu FRG-100) E. Byington, DX Ontario

"The antenna is really superb. (MW Loop Antenna) I used a German made similar loop antenna for medium wave before and it worked well and in a similar way, but yours works even better, is far easier to handle and looks nicer!" B. Finge, Germany

"It really brings them in and does what it's suppose to do, but best of all, with it's precise tuning, has eliminated the spurs and cross modulation signals that HQ-180's are noted for." (MW Loop Antenna) B. Dangerfield, DX News

"Have done the filter mod to my Sony ICF-2010 and am quite thrilled with the improvement. Most unique feature: the filters perform exactly as described!" T. Willoughby USA

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