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Sony ICF-SW55 Performance Upgrades

Capacitor Upgrade
The Sony SW55 is one of the Sony receivers that suffers from aging surface mount electrolytic capacitors. Consequently, this results in a loss of audio, loss of signal strength or both. Another symptom of aged capacitors is a motor-boating sound when the volume is turned up. Other symptoms include the radio shutting down after CAL and a sliggishness or inability to tune correctly.
The capacitor upgrade replaces all the electrolytic capacitors that are prone to fail (or dry-up) with time.

Please Note: the capacitor upgrade is only available at this time by sending the SW55 to Kiwa. The capacitor replacement is difficult due to the small components and the extremely tight component layout.
The price includes the cost of the parts.
Capacitor Upgrade $130.00

Kiwa Electronics

503 7th. Ave. N.E.
Kasson, MN 55944 USA
507.634.6134 phone/fax

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