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Kenwood R2000 Performance Upgrades

Mini-Filter Switch Board

Filter Upgrade

The stock AM filter in the R2000 can measure anywhere from 7 to 10 kHz. At present we can offer the following bandwidths for the two filters (we are currently out of stock of narrow filters): 6.5 kHz, 7.5 kHz, 8.2 kHzand 10.0 kHz. Please Note: if you wish to use the stock wide filter we can supply the filter board with one filter removed. The stock filter (CFW Murata filter) will plug directly into the pc board (soldering is required). A toggle switch mounted to the rear panel selects either bandwidth.

The Mini-Filter Switch Board and toggle switch mounts to a rear panel as shown in the above photo. Full installation instructions are included.

R2000 Mini-Filter Switch Board $70.00
R2000 Mini-Filter Switch Board less Wide filter $50.00
Shipping and Handling within North America $8.00

Installation by Kiwa Electronics (labor only) $40.00
Price does not include return shipping of the receiver.

Audio Upgrade

Kiwa offers an audio upgrade kit to improve the audio quality of the R2000. The audio upgrade kit replaces capacitors in the audio signal path with types that have improved sonic characteristics. The end result is that consonants like k's, c's and q's will sound sharper with improved definition. This improves the overall intelligibility. The kit comes with installation instructions. Soldering and desoldering experience is required. No alignment is required after completion. Kiwa also offers installation of the audio upgrade if you do not feel comfortable installing the required components.

For more information regarding Kiwa Audio Upgrades - please seeKiwa Audio Upgrades - A Brief History

R2000 Audio Upgrade $22.00
Shipping and Handling within North America $3.00
Kiwa installation of the R2000 audio upgrade (labor only) $40.00

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