Kaito KA1103

Kaito KA1103 (DE1103) Performance Upgrade

Audio Upgrade
The Audio Upgrade replaces key components in the audio signal path to provide improved audio quality. The end result is that the audio will sound clearer with improved detail. Overall intelligibility is improved.

Please note: This performance kit is more difficult to install than others due to the fact that removal of the main pc board is required. Proper tools are essential. We recommend a good fine tipped soldering iron, a small/long needle nose pliers and a small philips screwdriver such as a Wiha 261 (PH 0x50). None of the components to be replaced are surface mount. However, the components removed will be next to many small surface mount components. Complete installation instructions are included.

For more information regarding Kiwa Audio Upgrades - please see Kiwa Audio Upgrades - A Brief History

KA1103 Audio Upgrade $20.00
Shipping and Handling within North America $3.00

Kiwa installation of the KA1103 Audio Upgrade and Resistor change if required (includes parts) $50.00

Resistor Change to reduce AM Distortion
Many of the DE1103 and KA1103 receivers suffer from high distortion in the AM mode. Kiwa offers a resistor change on the main pc board that will reduce this distortion.
Kiwa installation of Resistors $15.00

Front End FET Protection Diodes
Installation of the front end FET protection diodes will help protect the front end FET from being damaged by static electricity. This condition could occur when walking accross a carpet with rubber soled shoes and touching the whip antenna when the receiver is AC powered or when the receiver is connected to a long wire. Installation instructions are included.
KA1103 Front End Protection Diodes $6.00
Installation of the Protection Diodes by Kiwa (parts included) $15.00

Installation of the Audio Upgrade and FET Protection Diodes by Kiwa (parts included) $60.00

Please Note: prices do not include return shipping of the receiver.

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